What to expect


  • Case management; will assist in identifying short and long term goals, provide linkage and support to accomplish those goals.
  • Access to individual and/or family drug and alcohol counseling.
  • E.R. will teach basic computer skills in an effort for our residents to become familiar with the online application process, resume building, basic skills in Microsoft office and syncing information to and from different devices. Interview skills and job readiness.
  • Parenting classes. 
  • Awareness and educational programs to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. 
  • Weekly in-house groups using the evidence-based Matrix Model
  • Weekly in-house groups focusing budgeting, real talk (conflict resolution), legal concerns, and career guidance. 
  • 12-Step support group meetings.
  • Anger Management Classes 
  • Access to a host of other resources

Non Residents

Nicole Arnold is certified to provide any of the following services to non residents.

Addiction Severity Index assessments (Substance abuse evaluation)

Anger management

Darkness to light certification